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Fall Sermon Series: Rushing Wind - Living in Step with the Spirit

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There was a time when we talked very little in our churches about the work of the Holy Spirit. Now He at least receives honorable mentions. But what does he do among us? How can we stay “in step with the Spirit?” And how do we respond to the signs and wonders attributed to His work among our charismatic Christian friends?

“The Counselor.” The work the Spirit will do when Jesus sends Him (John 14-16).

“Acts of the Holy Spirit” (Part One). A review of the works attributes to the Holy Spirit in Acts, including “filling” the faithful (in at least two different ways), empowering them with boldness, providing healing.

Missions​ ​Sunday​ (reports from various mission points we support, foreign and domestic)

“Acts of the Holy Spirit” (Part Two). Continuation of Part One. 

“Life under Law v. Life in the Spirit.” For Paul the contrast is very stark (in 2 Cor. 3 and in all of Galatians).

​ “Adjusting Our Sails” (Part One). The imagery in Galatians 6:7-10 and Romans 8:12-13 is one of cooperation with the Spirit. So what does the rest of the NT teach us about how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to experience the transformation God desires? 1) serving others; 2) adjusting our mindsets; 3) identifying the lie behind the sin; 4) saying “no” to sin; 5) taking full advantage of the “fellowship of the Holy Spirit”

Wellspring​ ​Speaker​ ​(Mark​ ​Holman)

Teen-led Worship.

“Adjusting Our Sails” (Part Two). Continuation of Part One.