Summer Sermon Series: The FULL effect (Colossians)

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Summer Sermon Series: Colossians, The FULL Effect


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“Fullness” is a significant theme, perhaps the main theme in Colossians. Words deriving from the stem plhr- (full-) abound in Colossians even more so than elsewhere in Paul and the NT (7 instances in 4 chapters). It would appear that Paul is developing a motif of fullness (Col. 1:9, 19, 25; 2:2, 9; 4:12, 17).

This seems a particularly fitting theme considering the profound emptiness that so many are feeling. Our culture is running on empty. This world’s philosophy is based upon a presumption of scarcity. Christianity is based upon a presumption of fullness that Christ embodies and mediates.

Colossians is Paul’s response to a syncretistic threat that is confronting the Colossian church. Thus two competing views of fullness are clashing and Paul insists that genuine fullness can only be experienced through union with Christ who is himself the fullness of deity, the one in whom the cosmos finds fullness, the one in whom is found the fullness of wisdom and knowledge, the one in whom is found fullness of forgiveness, etc, and therefore who needs no supplement.

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