"Room to Grow" is a campaign to provide additional classroom space for our growing children's and youth ministries.  This page will serve as a "blog" for this effort with news, videos and announcements.

$1 million collected!


Room to Grow, our church-wide campaign to expand our Children’s Ministry space, has an important announcement …

Room to Grow collected funds have exceeded $1,000,000 through God’s goodness and the generosity of his church!

Giving Families:

Over 350

Collected Funds :


Total Commitments (Including Collected Funds) :


Any questions about your family’s commitment should be directed to Bethany Palmer in the church office. Please continue to pray for God’s provision and timing for our Room to Grow Project.


Financial Report

As of Nov 18, 2016

$   727, 121    Total collections "in hand"

$1,866, 905    Commitments receivable

$2,594 ,026    Total commitments including collections "in hand"

Update 10-30-2016

room to grow update

Oct 5, 2016 Room to Grow Update

It’s Not Too Late! If you haven’t made a commitment yet, cards are still available at the Welcome Centers and outside the church office. A collection box is located between the office and the main lobby.

All checks for the Room to Grow campaign should have “Room to Grow” in the message line and be placed preferably in a RTG envelope. Thanks for helping us with this process!

Weekly Givers. Downtown does not currently have a way to facilitate weekly giving. Please set up your weekly contribution on your bank’s bill pay in order to avoid missing a week.

Monthly Givers. You may set up your monthly payment toward Room to Grow on your bank’s bill pay feature or complete the autodraft form  and the church office will handle the draft. All Room to Grow inquiries should be directed to Julie Turner.

Thanks to God for the generosity of his members : Over 310 giving families have already given $671,000 through last Sunday. Total commitments will be announced next Sunday – October 16 – on Announcement Sunday.

Please continue to pray for God’s provision and timing for our Room to Grow Project.

Special Thanks to Logan Light and Alicia Wiedower and their teams for a great Celebration Event last Sunday!

Bank autodraft form

If you would like to have your pledge automatically drafted from your bank account each month, print and fill out the autodraft form here and turn it in to the church office.

New brochure

New brochure with testimonies, committee members, and key dates

Generosity Guide Devotionals



Another "Children's Committee" video

Room to Grow "Children's Committee" Video

Room to Grow Video #1

Initial Room to Grow Brochure

Here is the brochure we originally sent out to our members about the upcoming Room to Grow campaign.

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