"LTC has been such an enriching experience for our family. At a time when we are being told that Christianity is on the decline, it is such a thrill to see THOUSANDS of young people learning to be followers of Christ according to their various gifts and to be the leaders in the church! My children learned so much about the Bible and about how to use their own gifts for God's glory, both NOW and as they grow" - Wendy Neill, parent

Downtown's LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) ministry seeks to help 3rd-12th graders:

  • FIND their God-given gifts
  • GROW Deeper roots of faith
  • SERVE God and His Church NOW and in the future

Leadership Training for Christ was started in 1989 to stimulate spiritual, mental, and social growth among students in 3rd - 12th grade . Its mission is to foster enthusiasm, skill development, and high achievement in church leadership, Bible knowledge, and Christian servanthood through participation in a variety of individual and group events students will enjoy. There are over thirty events available.

The LTC regional conventions are held every Easter weekend. Downtown attends the conference in Rogers, AR. Participants achieve points based on clearly defined criteria for each event (a rubric) they enter, rather than competing against others. Participants receive a gold, silver, or bronze medal based on the points they earn within the set criteria. In other words, every child in every congregation who earns the required points determined for that event will earn a medal of the corresponding color. With work, participants can come home with a gold medal in every event they enter!

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If you want to get involved, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or talk to Tara Bruner or Wendy Neill.

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(excerpts from the GPLTC website in Rogers, AR and the NTLTC website in Dallas, TX)